We're happy to announce a few product updates that have been requested by users!
Read on for Coming Soon features and Next Up features as well.

Enhanced Team Management and Deductions

Team Fee Calculations

Team Deductions are calculated on the total commissions earned or fee paid-to-date for the whole team. The fees will prorate once the cap is hit for the entire team and the fees will be allocated to each team member based on their split percentage. 

In the example below, if the total fee to be applied was $2000, it would be applied as follows:

Stephan: $2,000 * 33% = $660
David: $2,000 * 34% = $680
Mary: $2,000 * 33% = $660

Once the deal is paid out, you can view the total amount earned or deducted on the team financial summary on the teams page.

You can also view the personal performance for each Agent in their profiles. 

Manage the Team on the People Page 

Now, when a team member is added to the deal you'll see the 'Manage Team' option. You will have the ability to manage the team members or add all for any team that has a member added. 

By clicking on the 'Select All' option you will be adding all team members with their default commission splits as indicated on the team profile. 

Reporting Performance

Agent Performance Report

Agents are now able to access and set up and manage their own Xero settings for the Agent product. As an added bonus, Agents who log in can pull their own performance report for completed or pending transactions. 

Check out the new view! 👀 

Updates to Performance and Production Reporting

We've noticed that many of you are recording ends and volume for transactions where an Agent is not earning commissions. Loft will now report a $0 commissions as long as an Agent is assigned an end or a portion of an end count. 

Coming Soon

We're excited to be entering the final development cycle for our newest integration, DocuSign Transaction Room. This integration will allow DocuSign users to pull in their transactions to populate deal details rather than by manual entry.

Next Up

• Enhancements to Dotloop
• User roles and permisssions
• Payment integration
• Reporting integration

We hope these user requested features will be helpful! 

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