1. Login to DocuSign and click on the user profile photo on the top right corner of the page. From the submenu, click on ‘Go to Admin’.

2. On the Admin page, navigate to ‘Users’ under the ‘USERS AND GROUPS’ section.

3. Click ‘ADD USER’ and fill the form with user's e-mail and click ‘NEXT’.

4. Complete the following form with the user's data (only 'Full Name' and 'Language' are required fields) and click 'NEXT'.

5.  This is not required, but you may fill in the ‘Access Code’ field with any custom code for increased security. You will need to provide the code to the user in order for them to activate the account membership. After that, click ‘NEXT’.

6. Select a ‘Permission Set’ for the user and click on ‘ADD USER’ to complete the form.

7. The user will receive an e-mail to accept the invitation.

8. If you typed in a security code in the earlier step, DocuSign will ask for this code. Type the code in the field and click ‘Next>>’.

9. In the following window, type a new password, select a security question and type an answer for it.

10. If the user already has a DocuSign Transaction Rooms account, it's necessary to accept the new terms.

11. Once the invitation is accepted, a new message will appear letting the user know that an older account is associated with the new account.

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