If you want to remove a deal from your deals list, workflow and reporting you can void the deal.

Here of some examples of scenarios where you might want to void a deal:

  • An agent entered a deal incorrectly and you want a fresh start
  • A deal was created from a listing by accident
  • A deal was created from a Dotloop loop before the loop was ready

To void the deal:

  1. Go to the deal you want to void
  2. Click Details in the menu on the left
  3. Expand the Details view 
  4. Set the Sale Status to Voided

The deal will no longer show up on your Deals page or your Deals Requiring Attention on the dashboard.

If you want to view the voided deal for any reason, you can always find it through the Filters on the Deals page.

If a deal has fallen through, you can simply use the Collapsed Deal Status following the same instructions detailed.

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