To add new agent to your office select the People option under the Brokerage menu.

Select "New" to add people and change the type to agent.

Enter the agents/brokers full name and if they have an incorporated company fill in the Organization field. You can then select if you'd like to make payments to the profile or company name. 

Continue to add email, business information and contact information before saving the form. 

Saving will take you back to the people list. Here you can search for any contacts of the Brokerage. 

To edit, add or change the agents office or deduction settings you can now open the record by clicking on the agent or contacts name. 

From their profiles you can;

  1. Invite them to Loft (must have an active email)
  2. Edit their profile details
  3. Edit their activity dates and license details
  4. Assign or change offices (every agent must be assigned to an office)
  5. View Commission Adjustments (conversion balances)
  6. View and assign Brokerage deductions and override them for agent specific settings
  7. View Deduction Adjustments (conversion balances)View their Accounts Receivable (Agent Billing) and Accounts Payable (Commissions due)
  8. View and adjust year to date performance and financial information

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