To avoid typing the same e-mail on each deal (E.g. Cash Disbursement or communicating Excess Funds), you can add an Email Template for your brokerage.

To do this on the fly in a deal:

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. Compose your e-mail using the provided tags. To add a tag to an e-mail click the Tags dropdown. The tag will be inserted wherever your cursor is in the Write tab. Let's say you choose Gross Commissions Per Agent. A tag that looks like '{{commission_amounts}}' will be inserted. To preview the value click on the Preview tab.
  3. To save this e-mail as a template, fill in Enter a name for the new email template and click Save.

From now on you can access your template in the Template dropdown above the Message section.

If you'd like to add templates outside of a deal, click your brokerage name in the menu on the left and below click Email Templates. See Adding Emails Templates for your Brokerage for more details.

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