We are proud to announce our latest round of updates and features, based on all of your feedback!

Deal Access Levels, for Administrators and Brokers

Going forward, only Administrators and Brokers will have access to make changes to a deal. If an Agent needs to make changes they can ask their Administrator or Broker to change their access level through the comments on the deal page.

There is one exception:
If an Agent creates a deal, they are given 'Write' access so they can make changes and fill out commissions, dates, etc.

Pending Payout Notifications

Administrators can now notify Agents about new payouts.  The Agent will receive an in-app notification and email requesting their attention.

The notification will include a link to the deal you are paying them from so they can review and respond either in-app or via email back to the Administrator. 

See sample content here:

Setting Default Payee for Agents

You can set a default payable name for your Agents in their profiles. The 'Name' field will be their personal name and you can set them up with an organization if they have an incorporated company. 

You can then set up the default payable in editing their profile as below:

Non-Commission Income for Agents

Speaking of income, do you need to pay out income to an agent that isn't commission? Head to the allocations page on your deal and add a new line in the 'Other Income' section. For more info on this feature check out our help article on Adding Non Commission Income to Agent Payments.

A dotloop Update

We added a 'Reload' button on the top right of the Brokerage Loops page. So, instead of dotloop refreshing every hour, you can push the button to refresh manually. This is helpful if you make a last minute change to a loop and need to reload this new info in Loft. 

Deal Activity

See a history of what's happened in a deal at the bottom of the deal page.

Frozen Closed Deals 

Once a deal is closed you will be unable to make changes (don't worry, you can always comment). This will prevent automatic calculations from happening to make sure your data is accurate over time! If you want to make further changes, click the 'Re-open' button at the top of any deal page.

That's it! We love all your suggestions -- keep 'em coming! 

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