After you've created a deal, you'll want to add people like sellers/buyers, escrow/lawyers and referrals to outside agents. To manage people on the deal and their roles navigate to the people page.

Access Levels to the Deal

When you add someone to a deal you can control their access by their role. If you add an Agent or Broker with access to the deal's office, they'll be able to see the deal. Adding any other role won't give the profile access to the deal, unless you choose to invite them in to Loft.

Adding a New Profile to a Deal

To add a person to the deal click on the "Add" dropdown and select the role you'd like to add. If none of the roles apply, choose "Other Profile". Next you'll select their side for the deal. 

To add a new profile to the deal click the link "create a new profile". Fill out as many details as you have (e-mail, address, phone number, etc). If you'd like to specify the person's company either search for an existing organization or type the name of their organization in the same box. When you save the form it will also create a new profile for the organization!

If you want to edit the person's side or role after they've been added to the deal, click the pencil icon on the right side of the row. Here you can also switch which profile is associated to the role.

Adding an Existing Profile to a Deal

To add an existing profile search for the profile's name in the "Search People" field.

Adding an Agent to a Deal

When you add an Agent to a deal an allocation will be created automatically. Navigate to the allocations page to take a look!

How to Edit Profile Details from the People Page

If you want to edit the person's profile information, click on their name. This will bring you to their profile where you can click the "Edit" button to make changes.

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