• You must be logged in as an admin
  • You must have deductions configured for the brokerage under test.
  • There should be a new, unpaid list side deal that is holding the deposit and has a complete commission structure.
  • You must be the admin that is assigned to the deal
  • There is are trust and commission trust bank accounts for the brokerage.


The steps below lead you through configuring allocations and deductions then paying out a deal.

  1. Go to the Deal
  2. Click on the deal allocations menu item on the left
  3. You should see the internal agent and their automatic split.  The split should match the commission for the side they are on.
  4. Click on the deal deductions menu item on the left
  5. You should see some deductions for the internal agent.
  6. Click on ‘Add Deposit’ on the left
  7. The amount should default to the required trust deposit
  8. Enter an amount larger than the default amount.
  9. Enter contact name
  10. Click on ‘Create Deposit’
  11. You should now be on the deal activity page and can see the trust deposit transaction.
  12. We are holding more funds than we need, so click on the ‘Release Deposit’ item on the left
  13. The amount will default to the excess deposit we now hold, so leave it as-is.
  14. Select ‘Excess’ as the reason
  15. Enter Contact name
  16. Click ‘Create Trust Release’
  17. You should be on the activity page and see the release transaction
  18. Click on ‘Transfer funds’ on the left
  19. The default amount should match what we need to pay out.
  20. Select the commission trust account as the “transfer to” account.
  21. Click on ‘Create Transfer’
  22. You should be on the activity page and see the transfer transaction
  23. Let’s payout our agent.  Click on the ‘Payout Commission’ item on the left.
  24. Click on ‘Pay’ on the agent’s payout row.
  25. If it was the last payout, the page will ask if you want to close the deal.  Close the deal.
  26. Either way, you will next be taken to the deal activity page and you should see the payout transaction.
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