By entering your Dotloop API key in your Brokerage settings you will see a menu item called loops. For brokers and administrators this list is under the Brokerage menu and for your agents it will be under the My Profile menu. 

Today, Loft will bring in loops for loops in the following statuses:

  • Under Contract
  • Active Listing
  • Leased
  • Sold

For Loft to recognize your agents' loops you will need to ensure that the agent accounts are using the same email in Loft as they are in dotloop. 

Filter the loops you see in Loft by using Tags in dotloop

  1. Create and assign a Tag of your choosing in Dotloop, then tag each deal you'd like to see in Loft with that tag.

2. Edit your Brokerage settings in Loft to only include loops with that specific Tag.

Create a Deal from a Loop

In order to create a deal we require two things:

  • The loop has an MLS number. If it was a private listing please feel free to enter your own unique code in the MLS field in the loop. 
  • The loop has at least one document.

If the agent is not recognized by Loft you will be asked which agent the deal is for. 

Refreshing Loops

Easily reload loops in Loft by going to your Loops page and finding the 'Reload' button.

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