Payouts will be created automatically for agents and outside brokerages that have an allocation.

Your brokerage will have a setting to determine which payouts are payable. If you need to change the default for a single payout, you can flip the payable switch.

To view all the settings for a payout, simply click the arrow to expand each line item. From here, you can override payout amounts, change bank accounts or change the posting date for accounting purposes. Remember, Loft will post all payouts to the current date unless you manually select one.

When you click the Pay or Pay All buttons Loft will warn you if are missing funds to cover the payable amount. If you'd like to continue anyways, you can click the 'confirm' button to continue.

If no further payouts remain you will be ask if you'd like to close this deal. 

After paying out you should see the transaction activity.

Your payouts will be posted to Xero based on your brokerage's Xero posting schedule. They will be available as invoices where you can use third party payment providers and/or cut checks to the payees.

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