Happy New Year! 

Loft has made updates and launched some new features. Many of the items on this list were specifically requested by you so please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!


Your dashboard just got a whole lot more effective. See the status of financial and approval workflow action items to do. Clicking the links will take you to a list of all the deals requiring attention. 

LISTINGS ARE LIVE! Request Access Now

Version one of the listings is up and running. Create checklists and listings, upload docs and create a deal from a listing. We are looking for feedback on how we can make listings more helpful to you. Let us know if you’d like to use the Listings feature. 


Many enhancements have been pushed through and more are on the way. The following items have been attended to for all you Loopers out there. 

  • We only sync deals in specific status (Active Listing, Under Contract, Sold, Leased) 
  • Deal creations are more complete as we bring in all deal profiles and assign them to roles in Loft, contract start and close dates, commissions for gross and buy side, purchase price, deposit or escrow amount, and who holds it.


You are now able to identify your payment requirements for your local area. Through your Brokerage profile you can let Loft know if you are responsible for paying agents, outside brokerages or referrals. This setting will set the default for your organization but you can always make changes on the transactional level. 


Income Data > Income Report

Some of the deductions your Brokerage takes from agent commissions are the actual income to your Brokerage. Loft will classify which deductions and fees are responsible for your company income and display it grouped by the type of fees, the agents, or offices.

Performance Data > Franchise Report

You can now export all your performance and commission data to report to your franchise as a CSV or XLS file, or massage to your needs.


You can now invite people to your organization or lock an account from your Brokerage profiles. Invitations will send an email to the contact with instructions on how to get started with Loft. Locking an account will prevent that user from logging in or receiving any future notifications from Loft.


Multi-doc upload is now available on deal and listing creations.

Voided transactions no longer appear in the deal index. To view your voided transaction, simply use the filters at the top of the deals index page.

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