Franchise reporting for LLC / Corporate owned regions.

The pre-formatted .xlsx file is available in the Franchise report section.  Please review the report to ensure the data is correct and complete, as many of the fields are required fields for franchise reporting.  Your RE/MAX COR portal reporting help document contains the list of required fields. See list of required fields at the end of the article.

Prior to generating the report, you may wish to double check the closing dates are accurate. The easiest way to check that paid deals have the correct close date is from the Deals dashboard, use ‘Filters’ to select ‘Payout transaction date’, and select the month you are reporting for: 

Select ‘Filter by date range’ and select ‘Payout transaction date’

Verify the dates for the deals that have been paid out in that month are accurate.

After verifying the data is correct, navigate to the ‘Reports’ menu, select ‘Franchise Report’, & Download the XLSX version to save the report. 

Login to your RE/MAX portal >Statistics & upload the statistics report as per the RE/MAX COR region instructions.

Per RE/MAX specifications pictured below, in order for the franchise report to upload successfully you must have ALL required information entered for the Agent and the Deal.

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