In order to automate fees on commission earnings you'll need to add fees to an Agents' profile in Loft. 

Open the Agents profile and scroll down until you see the deductions section. From here you will be able to add any of the Brokerages deduction templates you have previously set up. 

  • Please note that archived fees will not be available and team fees will only be accessible to those Agents that are currently active on a team

These profile fees will now populate on the Agents open deals once they are updated and recalculated. 

  • Please note that profile deductions cannot be deleted from deals until they are removed from the profile - they can be overridden to $0 if they don't apply to any specific deal

If you need to override a fee for a specific Agent you can click on the pencil to edit the fee. 

This will open the fee settings for your review. You will see the Brokerage default values as well as the option to override the default levels by clicking on "New".

Be sure to enter the description of the override, the new value and the range for which it applies. 

Click save and you're done! 

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