These Administrators will have the equivalent of Agent-access with a few more options to assist in creating, reviewing and processing deals on behalf of the office. They will only have permission to view Agents and deals where the Agent is active in their designated office. 

  1. Dashboard: Only show notifications and filters for Agents within the office
  2. My Profile: Their own profile
  3. New Deal: Can add deals for any Agents active in their office
  4. Deals: Can see and edit deals for Agents that are active in the same office as they have access to
  5. Listings: Can create, see and edit listings Agents that are active in the same office as they have access to
  6. Brokerage Access: Can see the People page for their own office and Teams for their office 
  7. Integrations: Can connect their own dotloop or DocuSign account which will have the same permissions as they do to view loops or transaction rooms
  8. Reports: Only Production and Performance scoped to the office they have access to

Additional features in creating and editing deals are the ability to assign themselves as the Admin on the deal to receive notifications and they will also have access to the Allocations page. Please note they have no ability to manage Agent deductions or post financial transactions. 

The Office Admin can be assigned to more than one office.

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