We've released some really exciting new features and want to keep you in the loop. You will receive release notes from us whenever we roll out new or changing features. This weeks has a lot of good stuff, be sure to check it out!

Introducing Intercom
You might have already noticed! We've launched an in app help centre. You can click on the chat button to contact support on any problems you encounter, any functions you need help with, training on or any helpful feedback you have on features in the system. Chat messages do not go to your administrator, please remember to direct any questions around transaction to the comments section within each and every deal. That way we keep all communications related to the deals inside the deals. We'll get back to you as soon as possible when you use the in app chat function.

Activities and Notifications
We have launched a new dashboard that will show you what activities have been taking place in the Brokerage. It's your one stop to review all activities including; comments made, deals created, changes in deal status, payouts completing and reviews completed.

We've also launched self-managed notification preferences where you can choose to be notified on the list of options and let us know how you would like to receive the notification, email or in app. You can reach these settings by clicking on your name on the top right hand corner of the application and selecting "settings".

Dotloop Integration
We've launched the dotloop integration to make your life much easier. Now as an administrator or broker you can sync your dotloop business account to Loft to see a list of all Brokerage transactions.

You can create a deal from the loops that are completing and have an MLS number and at least one document attached. Loft will create a new deal that will have all the documents associated to it, the profiles you have assigned in dotloop, address details, commission structures and sale price.

Now you can also view your list of loops and see which deals were created from the loops your brokerage has in dotloop.

New View on the Deals Page
We've added more details on the deal page. Each deal includes more financial information related to commissions and will indicate if we are holding trust money or not.

You can easily see the status of the trust deposit by the icon. If you are expecting funds and do not yet have them you'll see a yellow info icon, if you are expecting them and they have been deposited you will see a green check mark. If you are not expecting trust funds you will see a grey info icon. To see more detail on the Trust deposits hover over the icons.

Transaction Management
You can now see the full written content and sent to email address for communications sent out through the share function. You can review all history for sharing under the history item in the deal navigation bar.

You can now email your documents in from any email address or other app. Copy the unique email for the deal on the documents page and use it to email direct to the deal. Administrators will get notified on their arrival.

As a Managing Broker you can now request a payout and approve a deal at the same time. Make comments for specific payout instructions for the administrator. Requesting the payout will automatically move the transaction into the "Approved" state.

Bank balance details are now available on the deal summary so you can easily see where funds were deposited and the current balances for the transaction.

On adding profiles to the people page, the system will return the address and phone number of the organization if its selected. If a persons profile does not have an address or contact details the system will pull them for the organization.

You are able to associate people with organizations that already exist. If you have an organization to add you can add them first as an organization and save the record. Once the record is saved you can enter a new person or edit an existing person to tie them to an organization.

The description field on the deductions will now show you the description of the level they refer to.

Financial Management
We have created two new reports for reference. We have a list of deposit details by bank account and date range that will assist you with any type of trust audit or reconciliation.

We've also added GL Transactions in case you need to review any financial transactions occurring in Loft and posting to Xero. Paying out deductions withheld on behalf of agents now allows you to specify an alternate payee in the event that you are not paying the agent directly.

 Deal Intelligence by Loft.

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