The DocuSign integration will save you time by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
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To begin, configure DocuSign to ensure your eSignature and Rooms Admin Accounts are linked prior to completing the integration by following these instructions.
Once the Admin accounts are linked, member accounts may be linked using the Migration Wizard, or members can do it themselves by following the steps here. Any questions can be answered by your DocuSign representative.

In Loft, enable the DocuSign Rooms integration by navigating to the Integrations Menu. Choose 'DocuSign Rooms' and then save. 

Next, click the 'Connect DocuSign' Button.

You will be prompted to log into DocuSign and confirm access permissions.
Once you accept the confirmation, you will be redirected to the 'DocuSign Rooms' page in Loft. You will now be able to click 'Reload'.

Once you have loaded the DocuSign Rooms, you may view the rooms and create a deal from a room by selecting one of the available rooms.  In order to ensure the best possible integration, please make sure your Agent emails in DocuSign match those in Loft

All Deals that are created from a Room must have a unique MLS number to prevent duplicate deals in the system.

You may Reload detail for a specific room.

Click 'Create Deal' to start the import of the deal.

Loft retrieves the deal data and documentation from DocuSign.

Click the Deal number link to review the deal.

If deal information has been changed in the Room, you may refresh the data. Now, select the Room.

Click 'Sync Deal' to refresh the data fields from the Room to the Loft deal.

Refer to this list on the field mapping between Loft and DocuSign to understand what data is being used.

That's it!

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