We're happy to announce a few product updates that have been requested by users! 

Payee Name Override
We've added the ability to override the payee name on payable type deductions by Agent. 

When you select edit on the deduction you've assigned an Agent to, you will now see a full screen view. If the type of fee is payable, you are now able to assign a specific payee name that applies only to the Agent.

Check out the new view! 👀

Other Incomes on Income Report
We've now introduced 'Other Incomes' to the income report so your forecasting can get much more accurate. We've added all other incomes payable to the Brokerage that apply to any of the filters you use for the report.

Team Management on the People Page
As we advance in our team functionality development, you'll continue to see changes to the way you can manage your teams on the team page, as well as on the People Page inside your deals. You can add or remove team members, allocate them to a side and also break down their commissions, all on one screen. 

We hope these user requested features will be helpful! As always, feedback is welcomed. 

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