Export Contacts

In an effort to make better use of data, we now have an export for your contact lists. You can use the filters or searches to refine the list then export the resulting data. 

Import Your Listings 

If you have access to listing data from your board, you can now import it at your convenience. Under the Brokerage menu you can click on 'Imports'. You can then select "Listings" which will allow you to download the template you can use to import the data. 

Brokerage Email Templates 

Two changes to email templates:

  1. We've removed the Loft logo and will follow up shortly with instructions on how to add an image of your own!
  2. You can now keep some templates private to your Brokerage by deselecting the 'Accessible to Agents' option in the edit template view. 

Please note that this feature is only available when creating templates under the Brokerage menu. 

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