When any transaction is posted we will look at profiles and the contact associated with a transaction and look for an existing Xero Contact.  When the Contact does not exist in Xero the Contact is automatically created in Xero and then an internal connection is made between the Loft Profile and the Xero Contact.

During our synchronization and before an entire batch of transactions get posted we

  1. Pull every contact from Xero, updating existing contacts and creating new ones.  When this happens the agents AP and AR balance in Loft is also synchronized.
  2. After we pull every contact we look for every Xero contact that is not Linked with a Loft Profile and try to link them based on the following best match:
  • When the email is exactly the same we match them and create a link tom@exmaple.com = tom@example.com
  • When the name is contained in the other and matches 60% of the length we match them and create a link

3. Loft then looks for any changes in Loft that are different between Xero contacts and Loft contacts (name, email, addresses) and push those changes to Xero as an update to the contact record.

Disable Sync

When you choose disable Xero Sync in the profile in Loft it will no longer try to match any of the above criteria.  If it is currently ‘Linked’ to a Xero contact AP and AR balances will continue to update.

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