If  you routinely Invoice your Agents for expenses, you may wish to collect those outstanding expenses from the Agent commission on deals. 

You will see the agent A/R  balance on any deal when you are in the Deduction page:

Add the Agent A/R Deduction to recover the funds from the agent  - which will reduce their commission payable. When you pay the agent, the deduction will generate a Credit Note in Xero, to apply against the agent's outstanding receivable.

If an agent has not yet been paid on a Loft deal, the Xero billing items do not auto update, as the Contact in Loft has not yet linked to the contact in Xero.  If you run a full sync in Loft, the as yet unpaid Loft agents will link up with the Xero accounts receivable detail. You can initiate the sync in the Xero Batches menu.

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