Deductions - Use this report to view which fees or deductions have been applied to transactions that have paid out and closed. You can filer by the type of fee, the agent or both for a more targeted review. You can use date filters and export the file for accounting reconciliations

Deduction Caps - This report will return a list of Agents, the fees that have been assigned to their profile and where they are at in terms of levels within the range that the fee is calculated on. It will also let you know if the fees have reached their cap for the current period and if any of those fees were overriden from the default values. 

Deposits - This is a list of all deposits by bank account for a certain date range. The report will assist you with bank reconciliations in Xero. 

Franchise - This is the Franchise report which you can use to submit to statics to your Franchise. It includes deal details as well as performance metrics for your agents. (Export / Download)

Production - This report will return total agent production information for the period selected including the commissions, volumes, end counts & deal details for each transactions paid out in the date range selected.  (Export / Download)

GL Transactions -  This report gives you the ability to review GL accounts in Xero for financial transactions related to deals.  

Income - When your Brokerage fees are set up, Loft tracks which of the fees deducted from commissions contribute to Brokerage Income. You can view projected company income by the type of the deduction or contributions by agent or office. 

Uncovered expenses compares the agents outstanding AR balance and their net payables to highlight any agents without enough deal flow to cover their current fees. 

Performance - (History and Projections)This report allows you to preview or export the payroll information for agents ranked on commissions, end count, net pay or sales volume. Based on your filter settings your export will include a total per agent for the period as well as the deal by deal detail. 

You can also choose to view deals that have paid out (completed), deals pending payouts (open deals), or a historical view of pending payouts (Payouts that were/are unpaid for a deal created within the date range.)

Subledger - This report is primarily used for Trust / Escrow bank accounts, where the brokerage holds funds per deal. Use this report to verify your Trust balance, to be compared to the Xero Liability balance.

Tax Returns - This report is used to generate annual 1099 or T4A reporting for your brokerage.

Transfers - This report will summarize all bank transfers between Brokerage accounts for the date or range provided. Use this report to determine how much to transfer daily or compare to bank transactions in Xero. 

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