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You can turn this integration on by entering your Skyslope user email address and password in Loft under your Brokerage menu.
Loft uses a 'deal was created 30 days before today' revolving setting.

In order to ensure the best possible integration, please ensure that all Agent names match from Skyslope to Loft and that all deals entered in Skyslope have a unique MLS number. This will prevent any duplication in the system.

Once it's authenticated, you will see a Skyslope menu option under the Brokerage. You can click on this page and hit the Reload button to pull in any new records. 

Loft is looking for any new deals created in Skyslope that are pending. If a pending deal has a MLS Id that already exists in Loft, you will see an error message that this deal already exists. For those new transactions you will see a blue link to the created deal in Loft.

You can refer to this list on the field mapping between Loft and Skyslope to understand what data is getting pulled in.

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