Loft allows you to create profiles for people to associate to a company or 'organization'. Share just the information required to a specific person or to a general company email account. You can associate multiple people to a single organization.

Add an Organization

To add an organization in Loft, such as a law firm, the first step is to create a profile for the organization by selecting the 'People' tab within the Brokerage menu and selecting '+ New', as shown below.

  1. Once the 'New Contact' screen appears, select 'Organization' from the drop down list. 
  2. Check the box 'Profile is an Organization'.
  3. Add the name of the organization.
  4. Add the general email address associated with the organization. You also have the option to add an address, telephone number, etc.

Associating a Person to the Organization

Now you can associate people to the organization. This allows you to email either the organization or the person through the deal share function. 

You can add people through the Brokerage menu or from inside the deal on the People page.

If adding people through a deal, select their role from the drop down menu. For example, 'Contact' (1) and then make sure you do not check 'Profile is an Organization' (2), as they are not an organization, they're a person.

Now add the individual's name that you are creating the profile for. For example,  'Bob Smith' (3). To associate Bob Smith to the organization, you must select from the drop down menu and find the 'Smith Lawyers' profile (4) you created earlier. 

As Bob Smith is the Conveyancer at Smith Lawyers, he uses the same email address as the organization's general email, so you do not need to add another email address to this personal profile.

If Bob did have his own email, eg. '', then you would add it to his profile only.

Each profile MUST have ONLY ONE email associated to it as duplicate-emails will not be accepted within the Loft and Xero Integration.

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