As an agent you already get online access to deal and performance data in Loft47 but we want to give you more tools. You already have a lot to juggle. 

Generating leads, closing deals and building your brand are just a few which rank at the top of the list.  While accounting isn't your top priority, it ultimately has a high impact on your overall success.  

We want to help you automate your operations so you can focus on selling. We offer an API and a Xero account to agents who'd like to automate the accounting commission income and fees paid to the Brokerage or Franchise.  

The benefits of automating Agent accounting

  • Automation means you don't do anything to record your commission income and brokerage fees
  • Bank feeds mean you can classify your expenses quickly, using intelligent rules and machine learning
  • You can save a ton of money at year end and be ready for tax time in no time! 

With the Agent47, you are able to fully automate real-time accounting data postings related to your deals as the deals are paid out! 

Subscription Costs 

You can choose between paying annually or monthly. 

Agent47 is just $10 per month or $100 / year

  • if you already have a Xero account you can subscribe to this plan to access the data feed. Just log into your account to connect your Xero account to your Loft account.  

Agent47 Light is $22 per month or $225 per year

  • the light version gives you access to the data feed and we will provide you with a light version of Xero so you can automate your bank transactions, receive Loft data and work on a "cash" basis. 

Agent47 Pro is $40 per month or $425 per year

  • the pro version of the plan gives you access to the data feed and a full version of Xero so you can automate your bank transactions, receive Loft data, generate manage and pay bills online, create invoices and receive funds. 

Xero capabilities, include mileIQ integration, and built in schedule C reporting, which is a huge asset & may save hundreds of dollars on year-end tax accounting. 


Check out these short 3 minute videos to see more about how you, as an Agent will see & use your info in Loft.  
Loft for Agents - 1 - this functionality is included with the core brokerage product
Loft for Agents - 2 - this is additional / optional functionality available for agents that wish to run a set of accounting books

For help on getting your account set up see this Article

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